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Biofuels accord with low carbon environmental development direction

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Biological energy sources say again green energy, it is to point to get from biomass energy, it is human first to use energy. According to information, the ancients earliest people, madame, is actually paid charcoal burning in the use of biofuels. In recent years, biomass energy into the national development planning, is considered a key cracked energy dilemma for son, and explore the development of the biomass energy "China road", also become China's government departments, enterprises focus. The next hc360.com chemical mesh belt you deeply expatiate biological energy markets in low carbon road how to develop.

As is known to all, the main form of biological energy sources have biogas biological processes, hydrogen, biological diesel oil and fuel ethanol. Methane is microorganism-fermented straw stalk, livestock wastes organic produce gas mixture, main component is combustible methane, Biological hydrogen can be obtained by microorganism fermentation, by burning produce water, therefore hydrogen is the most clean energy, Biodiesel is to use vegetable oil or other grease bio-enzyme will get after decomposition of liquid fuels, as diesel substitute more environmentally friendly. Biomass diesel is forestry biomass energy development of another broad field, a lot of places in growing plants, such as HuangLianMu biomass diesel project, petrochina, sinopec, cnooc and cofco etc YangQi giants have been set up special organizations graduate material diesel, Fuel ethanol plants is produced when alcohol fermentation, ability with certain proportion mixing petrol, make the exhaust gas cleaner. Though the present main energy or fossil energy, but bio-energy promising. In China, for example, the whole country at present there are 7 million tons of rural every year, can receive 1 straw tonnes of alcohol. The south has large swamp, can cultivate oil-bearing crops, development of biodiesel industry. Add livestock waste, forest processing using etc. China's current available for development of biofuels biomass resources at least up to four. 5 million tec, equivalent to our country 2000 a 40% of all energy consumption. Taking biological diesel oil and fuel ethanol as an example.

Brazil promote biofuels industry development to solve low carbon development

Brazil will focus on increasing biodiesel technology research and development ability and promotion, and use these use soybean oil, palm oil, sunflower oil as raw material processing production of biodiesel, can add in ordinary diesel, as trucks and diesel generator power fuel.

The Brazilian government has established a special interagency committee, led by the presidential palace, 14 government departments in charge of research and to formulate relevant biodiesel production and promotion policies and measures. The Brazilian government in 2004 issued about using biodiesel decrees, regulations from 2008 onwards, the national market diesel must add 2% of biodiesel, By 2013 add ratio should be improved to 5%. Currently in Brazil's 27 states in 23 states, have established the development of biodiesel technology network.

In order to support low carbon industry development, the Brazilian government also launched a series of financial support policies. For example, the national economic and social development Banks offer all kinds of credit preferential policy, for biodiesel enterprise to provide financing. The Brazilian central bank set up special credit fund to encourage small farm planting sugarcane, soybean, sunflower, oil palm, etc, in order to satisfy the demand of biodiesel raw materials.

Development of cellulosic ethanol accord with low carbon concept of clean energy

Cassava resources domestic limited, is suitable only for guangdong and guangxi area nearby planting. The north to grow sweet sorghum, but raw material production cycle and raw materials, which could not save problems such as insatiable industrialization a steady supply of continuous production line. Transitional raw material is still not completely solve resource problem. Usance most important path, which USES the lignocellulose raw material to produce ethanol, raw material resources are abundant, including straw, hay wood, etc, forestry waste and energy crops etc, has great potential. But because of technical difficulties, international has been more than 20 years, because the cost is exorbitant, yet unrealized mass industrial production.

"Lignocellulose as second generation of fuel alcohol raw material, is undoubtedly the most conforms with the interests of all parties," HaoXiaoMing introduction, "compared with the wind, solar, fuel ethanol burn although emit carbon dioxide, but because the production of ethanol plants in the growth process itself and absorbing carbon dioxide from circulation perspective is accord with low carbon concept of clean energy."

Meanwhile, Chinese academy of Wan, DuXiang OuYangPing kay, ShiYuanChun three academicians are also think, with cassava and sugar cane producing fuel energy security in China is to an important route, a broad market prospect, especially with cassava producing ethanol low cost more ideal. Processing a ton of fuel ethanol from corn need 3. 3 tons, according to the current lowest $900 per ton 2970 yuan; need plan, Sugar-cane takes 17 tons, every tons of 160 yuan, need 2. 720 yuan; But with cassava need seven tons, every tons of 350 yuan, only to be 2450 yuan. According to concerning sectional test, if add 10% in gasoline fuel ethanol, can not change car any device in the circumstances, reduce exhaust emissions of carbon bisulfide about 30%. In the family cars increasingly fashionable today, market prospect. Besides, making use of cassava ethanol and huge social benefits. According to the calculation, construction with annual output of 100 thousand tons of tapioca producing ethanol projects, each year to more than 70 tons fresh processing consumption of cassava or 28 million tons of dry cassava chips, annual revenue is 5 million yuan, and profit of more than 80 million yuan, can directly for farmers income 2. 5 billion yuan, driving the 12 million households farmers increase income, In the meantime, still can provide social hundreds of jobs, formed in traffic volume 80 million tons. Moreover, with the preparation of cassava ethanol, it is favorable to the environment protection.

Biological energy development and utilization, can bring to sustainable development is the goal of the recycling economy

Although biological energy development and utilization in the initial stage, biological energy throughout the energy structure the proportion of age, but its development potential immeasurable.

Hc360.com chemical network from the learns, Brazil garbage is becoming a valuable source of energy. According to Brazil the relevant trade associations statistics, 2004 Brazil recycling aluminum cans of 90 million and recovery to 96%, the highest one in the world. Other kinds of waste recovery also high in the world, create the recycle economy mode. Recycled, according to the classification and were used in different aspects, including most nonmetal class of garbage all can be transformed into energy. Biological energy as a green energy, has the characteristics of renewable energy, and the fossil is not renewable energy, this is a major advantage of biological energy sources. According to estimation, the earth's oil KuJieQi maximum extend to the hundred years, while Chinese this oil resources relatively poor countries, where oil stable supply never more than 20 years. But biological energy mainly using starch such as plants, potato, biological processing crops straw into other fuel, from large scale has lots of sources. Experts estimate that the global annual produce the biomass energy reserves for 1800 tons, is inexhaustible, inexhaustible resources. Therefore, biological energy sources in the future promising, especially in the oil supply nervous, biological energy will be steep.

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