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Demand growth, Monday international oil prices continued to rise

News Source:http://www.jinchemical.com/ ; SendDate:2010-12-21 14:55:00 

Euramerican the cold climate and long vacations approaching, gasoline and heating oil demand will increase, Monday international oil prices continued to rise. Monday at the New York mercantile exchange light sweet crude futures settlement price a barrel on January 88.81 dollars, than before the session of rising 0.79; $ London intercontinental exchange brent crude oil futures settlement price on February 92.74 dollars a barrel, up $1.07; New York heating oil December futures 248.95 cents a gallon, up 158 cents. On December RBOB gasoline futures 237.78 cents a gallon, up 3-1 cents. London intercontinental exchange January diesel oil futures 786.5 dollars per ton, drop $1.00.


According to the New York mercantile exchange settlement price calculation, Monday will three barrels of crude oil refining into two barrels of gasoline and a bucket of heating oil "played 3-2-1-4" profit per barrel, up $12.621 than Sunday 1.111 dollars.


The New York mercantile exchange XiDeKeSaSi light sweet crude futures closed end January expiration, transactions active February futures settlement price $77 a barrel, up 89.37 cents each.


This week the New York mercantile exchange only three and a half day Thursday, Friday ahead of closing, because of Christmas Eve closed.


Euramerican drop in temperature, north-western Europe snow increased heating demand, the United States over the coming week northeast temperatures will be close to or below those of the corresponding, heating oil demand growth will.


Hovensa LLC refinery is located in the United States virgin islands St. Croix FCC gasoline production facility continuous production cause tension, this is the American market in the Caribbean area biggest oil refineries, the main supply eastern U.S. oil refinery regions, especially New York harbor.


Christmas long vacation before petrol market sales increase, and Europe to America's petrol arbitrage Windows closed to promote the New York mercantile exchange January/February RBOB gasoline futures market price, promote the inverse expand atmosphere.


Lund sulzberger survey companies in America, some 2,500 home station after investigation, the conclusion that ended December 17, two week self-help gas station regular gasoline average (tax) per gallon 2.988 dollars, retail average rise than two weeks ago 7.59 cents. The agency editor thinks, if not a barrel of crude oil prices fell can $1.17, petrol prices will go up 10 cents above. The New York mercantile exchange in January period of delivery oil futures fell $1.17, equivalent to a gallon 3 cents. The current petrol prices higher than the same period last year 39.16 cents, as oil prices at the end of November and December, consequently auto prices rising much higher compared to the same period last year. Before the end of the gasoline prices will rise to $3 a gallon to see crude price fluctuations. We have a surplus of gasoline, excessive production capacity and high unemployment, only the price of crude oil to push the high gasoline prices.


The past two week long island, New York (tax) regular gasoline average retail average $3.26 gallon, San Francisco self-help gas station regular gasoline average price for a gallon 3.29 supreme; $ Denver regular gasoline, average minimum $2.68 per gallon.


According to the U.S. energy information administration, according to the latest figures released by December 20th week, average retail gasoline in the United States 2.982 dollars, this is since October 2008, the highest since the middle of average than a week before the week rose 0.2 cents, than last year the corresponding period high significant cents. The average American diesel 3.248 dollars, retail price than a week before the rising 1.7 cents, than last year the corresponding period high 52.2 cents.


According to the latest news, December 17th by Opec 12 members weighted average price calculated the organization package price per barrel 88.78 dollars, a day before rising than $0.02. By 2010, December 17 week, Opec package for a barrel 88.39 dollars, average zhou than a week before 0.59 dollars with average prices.

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