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By 2010, the second abamectin BBS in jinan of pesticide industry came to a smooth curtain

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By 2010, dec. 18-19, sponsored by the world easily, victory shares, sponsored by the second STR wizard abamectin BBS in jinan of pesticide industry successful convening and achieved successfully concluded.


This meeting to abamectin products, raw material upstream the latest production technology and technology, downstream application prospect, latest overseas export data and market prospect forecast and the forecast for the theme, and the development way of thinking and way retinoids is shao-shang, participants each representing the wit, he expounded his views.


Church, ShenYinChu academician first by the United States and Japan as an example, through reviewing the history of abamectin pointed out that the emergence of abamectin than oneself development factors of government policy, outside more responsive to policy does not permit, abamectin cannot be further exploitation. In addition, the academician shen retinoids resistance problems are put forward advice, we are required to learn to correct the degree and rational drug use alternately, expanding and abamectin, delay the application scope of resistance, extend and cherishing retinoids its life.


YaoJianSuo GuBaoGen vice director, through the description of abamectin existing market conditions pointed out that we should follow the development of market rules, avey should beware "natural selection", try hard to hold rice this piece of big market, the continuance avey using life.


Shandong victory of a joint stock limited company KongFan pavilion said the development of economic influence retinoids except, climate, policy conditions outside, competition in the industry in recent years more became the main factors. We should start enterprise itself, strict self-discipline, strengths, to extend product chain of industry, We should be paid to control capacity, price regulation; Based on the market adjusting retinoids and strengthening industry association cooperation, To strengthen cooperation between the enterprises and the enterprises, build a platform to improve together avey fermentation level, make avey product walk to the stable, healthy development path.


JiangXiZheng bond biochemical of stock company DaiZhenFei also 2010 abamectin recognition of published opinion that the spring is retinoids lies in the development of science and technology, raise the level of productivity. Emphasizes new scientist, new technology to change the status quo, adjust retinoids avey price, maintain the stability of the downstream avey market.


I SunJuan publication and was invited to speak, 2010 abamectin production situation and market analysis for the theme, and points out that the situation is as follows: (1) the main retinoids reversed-phased overcapacity serious, supply and demand imbalances, fierce competition, (2) season abnormal leads to market launch slowly, (3) change affect demand; the markets at home and abroad, 4 the increase dosage increase avey resistance; 5 years insect outbreaks, reduce the amount of foreign products market extrusion etc. Influence of factors. Retinoids dosage


And the second half by 2010, avey joint-venture enterprise look pale store policies, measures such as industry coordinating appearing, to the market and retinoids didn't make much difference. Expected 2011 abamectin demand is flat or a slight 2010 increase.


We appeal, avey production enterprises and distributor shall jointly caress market, rational processing upstream and downstream relationship, cultivation of reliable user group and vendors, try to avoid vicious competition; Improved industrial pattern, according to the market rules organization, unite, In market and farmers demand for the final wizard. We also believe that with the international agricultural prices hike, the state of grain, cotton purchase price greatly raised, will also affect the farmers' enthusiasm, as rigid demand of agricultural products guaranteed pesticide products - abamectin in rational market operating under the rational regression, and price will pos slowly also better.

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