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In late December international urea ammonium nitrate solution prices appear differentiation trend

News Source:http://www.jinchemical.com/ ; SendDate:2010-12-31 16:57:50 

In late December, international urea ammonium nitrate solution price movements, the present differentiation of France and Germany region prices, and America's east coast and the black sea region suffered falling trend.

Fob: compared with the middle of December, French 30% 210-215 euros (content of price, similarly hereinafter), tons of low prices rose 2 euro, high-end prices have risen 3 euros. The black sea region $260-275 32% content, low prices for 15 dollars, high-end prices dropped 10 dollars. German 28% content 200-210 euros, low prices rose 2 euro, high-end price without change.

Cif: the east coast of the us with 300 - $310, low prices went down $8, high-end price without change.

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