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New Technology and new use of benzonitrile

News Source:http://www.jinchemical.com/ ; SendDate:2011-10-27 17:21:07 
The ordinariest and commonly used method to produce Benzonitrile is to react Benzaldehyde with Hydroxylamine-o-sulfonic acid,obtain hydroxylamin sulfonate,then react it with alkali,to translate to benzonitrile.Besides,react aniline and nitroso-sodium salt to obtain diazo salt,then react with cupric cyanide to translate to benzonitrile.The rate of through reacting chlorobenzene with potassium (sodium) is also high,but due to virulent poisonous,so use it rarely.
Jinxiang chemical factory depth study the reaction,use special catalyst,adjust previous reaction way and raw materials,then summarize the stability, security, advanced manufacturing process of Benzonitrile.
The uses of Benzonitrile as below:
1.Benzonitrile and dicyandiamide in alkaline solution obtain benzoguanamine,which can significantly improve the quality of melamine plastic,benzoguanamine further made to be benzoguanamine resin,which can be used in coatings, adhesives, laminates, and molding materials.
2.Intermediates in producing benzoguanamine,synthetic pesticides, fatty amines and acid;can also be used as a solvent, antioxidant, dye solvent and dye additives and so on.
3.Benzonitrile after reduction to obtain benzyl amine,wich can be used as pharmaceutical intermediates.
4.Benzonitrile through hydrolysis to obtain benzamide, and then obtain benzoic acid,wich can be used as plasticizers, coatings and polymer organic intermediates.
5.Benzonitrile with non-ionic surfactant emulsion, the emulsion is dyeing.
The dangerous level of it is class 6.1,UN NO:2224(Package:class 2),we Danyang jinxiang chemical factory has a clear operating specifications and description about product storage, transfer, packaging, transport and other sectors,ensure that each user can finally get high quality products into the next production step.
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