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Stable operation of domestic rutile Market

News Source:http://www.jinchemical.com/ ; SendDate:2019-12-26 11:02:45 
Since the national day, the domestic rutile market has temporarily bid farewell to the stage of continuous price rise and turned to a stable operation. At present, 90 rutile is the main transaction target in domestic rutile market, while 95 rutile is rare. The reason is that 95 rutile spot is less and its price is high. In addition to high-end welding materials with a small amount of rigid demand and then a small amount of purchase, other downstream users are looking for alternatives.

After October, domestic rutile prices remained stable

Before October, domestic rutile prices rose rapidly and continuously. Among them, the main reason for the price increase is the demand increase caused by the capacity of new sponge and titanium chloride white powder. With the price of 95 rutile rising, the downstream enterprises' bearing capacity of 95 rutile has declined significantly, and 90-92 slightly lower grade rutile has been used instead. According to ruidao data, at present, the price of 95 rutile in China is 10000-10500 yuan / ton, while the price of 90 rutile is less than 8800 yuan / ton, with a huge gap. Therefore, although the production efficiency and product quality of 90 rutile are not as good as 95 rutile, it can greatly reduce the production cost of enterprises. Therefore, the downstream enterprises gradually reduce the purchase of 95 rutile, and turn to purchase 90 rutile. Since October, most of the downstream enterprises have temporarily stopped the purchase of 95 rutile.

Unlike 95 rutile, most of 90 rutile raw ore comes from Vietnam's medium titanium mine, whose output is significantly higher than 95 rutile, which can basically meet the needs of domestic enterprises. After two months of adjustment, the supply and demand of 90 rutile in China is basically in balance, and its price is gradually stable at the current price. For the enterprises producing rutile in Vietnam, although the product price is low and the downstream users purchase a large amount, the benefits brought to the enterprises are better than before, so the production enthusiasm is high. The only trouble may be that there are some restrictions on the import of titanium middlings.

The market situation in the first half of next year is still optimistic. At present, if some newly started projects and production capacity not up to capacity are put into production next year, it will drive the market upward again. From the perspective of global supply and demand pattern, the shortage of chlorinated raw materials is obvious. The future output of the main foreign raw material producers of chlorination process has been ordered by foreign users, and the number of products that can be supplied to the Chinese market is relatively limited. If it is not possible to replace rutile with domestic titanium slag, the situation of tight market supply will probably continue.
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