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PV overseas market faces three variables

News Source:http://www.jinchemical.com/ ; SendDate:2020-5-20 14:46:19 

The problem now is that this is not just a photovoltaic industry. The "de Sinicization" of the international economic and trade field is likely to accelerate due to the epidemic.

The impact of the global epidemic on the export situation of China's photovoltaic products is likely to be an accident in the context of a broader international economy and trade.

According to the latest customs data, China's PV module export in April was about 5.5gw, an increase of - 4.69% year on year. The decline was not obvious, but the increase of - 27.10% month on month was relatively ugly. That is to say, in April, when the epidemic spread most violently in Europe and the United States, photovoltaic exports decreased nearly 30% compared with last month.

Such data, obviously, can not be explained by chance, but also can be seen in the impact of the epidemic on the socio-economic activities of various countries.

Corresponding to this is another group of well-known data.

At present, the number of people infected by the epidemic announced by the United States has exceeded 1.5 million. When I published the article "spread of the epidemic in Europe and the United States, global photovoltaic demand may sharply decrease this year" in early March, there were only more than 600 people in the region, but in just over two months, the growth rate was more than 2000 times. At that time, the top four of the "epidemic situation list" was Italy, with no more than one thousand people breaking through 220000, and France and Germany, with no more than two or three More than 170000 people, and the fourth Spain has nearly 280000 people

On the surface, the latter is the logical result of the former because of the relationship between and. However, if this logic or event is embedded in the current international economic and trade changes, it is likely to generate deeper concerns.

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