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Global oil midstream companies under pressure

News Source:http://www.jinchemical.com/ ; SendDate:2020-6-15 15:50:39 

Although energy infrastructure operators adopt the business model of charging and on-demand payment, the midstream industry is still unable to avoid the impact of the sharp drop in oil prices and the upstream operators' implementation of shutdown in response to the sharp drop in prices. In a new report released this week, Moody's Investors Service said global oil and gas infrastructure companies will be affected as the oil and gas industry faces a double impact of supply and demand and oil and gas production declines rapidly.

The rating agency said that the midstream energy sector will not be able to fully offset the impact of the decline in production and price collapse, and for the first time adjusted its outlook for the global midstream energy sector from "stable" to "negative".

"While the industry's asset base is mainly composed of 'must operate' infrastructure, not all revenues and earnings are fully protected from commodity price and volume risks, and some midstream sectors are more vulnerable to price and volume declines than others," Moody's said

According to Moody's forecast, the industry's EBITDA will decline at least 5% this year due to the current imbalance between supply and demand and the decline in oil and gas production. However, the rating agency expects the midstream industry to gradually return to profit growth next year.

Andrew Brooks, Moody's vice president, said: "the negative outlook for the global midstream industry, reflecting the speed and magnitude of the decline in production, has affected the midstream business and will damage the credit quality of the industry in the next 12 to 18 months."

Texas and Oklahoma rejected the idea of supporting rationing, a fact that helped the midstream industry in the United States. "In addition to the potential for inefficient production closures, forced production cuts may also allow struggling producers to avoid minimum production commitments and related shortfalls paid to midstream counterparties," Andrew said. "

As the idea of mandatory production cuts fell, the US energy infrastructure avoided worse consequences, but the midstream industry could not be completely immune from the impact of reduced oil production due to the collapse of oil prices.

Earlier this month, wood Mackenzie said the decline in production had led to a sharp decline in pipeline utilization.


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