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India's energy demand rebounds due to economic recovery

News Source:http://www.jinchemical.com/ ; SendDate:2020-9-27 15:20:51 

Recently, India's rating research agency (ind RA) released a summary of India's power industry, showing that in August, all India's energy demand fell for the sixth consecutive month, to 109.8 billion kwh, down 2% month on month. However, the decline continued to narrow from 4.1% in July and 10.9% in June, indicating that India's energy demand is picking up as the economy recovers.

In the same month, electricity demand in northern India increased by 1.3% (down 0.8% in July) and decreased by 4.5% (9.8% in July) in southern India. Despite the narrower decline in demand in August, India's energy demand fell 11% year-on-year in the first five months of the fiscal year (April to August) affected by the epidemic.

India's coal-fired power generation capacity was 111000 megawatts in September (as of September 21), up 10000 megawatts from a year earlier, according to the Central Electricity Authority (CEA). In the same month, the coal import volume of India's power industry was 3.338 million tons, which was 36.44% lower than that of 5.2512 million tons in the same period of last year, and 14.85% lower than that of 3.9197 million tons in July.

With the decline in coal imports by Indian power companies, the supply of coal from major coal companies to power plants has increased significantly. In August, CIL and SCCL supplied 35.55 million tons of coal to Indian power companies, an increase of 284000 tons and 2.2 million tons on a month on month basis, respectively.

At the same time, due to the recovery of power demand, coal consumption of thermal power plants increased significantly, and coal inventory of power plants continued to decline. At the end of August, coal stocks of Indian power companies fell to 42.49 million tons, 25% lower than the peak of 56.28 million tons in April.

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