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Carbon technology and carbon market become the main direction of attack

News Source:http://www.jinchemical.com/ ; SendDate:2021-6-9 16:03:01 

Relevant studies show that there may still be 1-2 billion tons of carbon emissions in China by 2050, which needs to be reduced through negative carbon technology.

In recent years, countries are paying attention to negative carbon technologies, including reforestation, ecological restoration, new building materials, soil carbon fixation, carbon capture and storage (CCUs), direct air carbon capture and storage (daccs), biomass energy carbon capture and storage (beccs), biochar, etc. China also has pilot demonstration in this field. Several sets of carbon dioxide capture experimental and demonstration devices have been built and put into operation in power generation enterprises such as national energy group and Huaneng Group. It is expected that they will be gradually applied in high carbon industries such as steel, cement and chemical industry in the future.

According to the measures for the administration of Carbon Emission Trading (for Trial Implementation) issued by the Ministry of ecological environment, in June 2021, China will launch the national carbon emission trading market, and the electric power industry will bear the brunt, involving 2225 key emission units in the power generation industry. The steel, building materials, nonferrous metals, chemical industry, petrochemical and other industries will also be gradually included in the "14th five year plan". In the medium and long term, on the one hand, the enterprises that are included in the carbon market may be limited by the emission quota, leading to the rise of production costs; On the other hand, carbon emissions can also be reduced through technological transformation, and the saved quota can be sold in the carbon market to obtain profits. Therefore, how to face the opportunities and challenges brought by the operation of carbon emission trading market is a problem that energy enterprises must consider.

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